A lawyer’s reputation is as much dependent on client testimonials as it is on the number of verdicts in his or her favor. Lawyer testimonials also offer a glimpse into their client handling and dealings. Here are our testimonial from clients that will provide you an insight into our work dynamics. Our personal injury attorneys have emerged on the top in legal representation. The attorney testimonials below tell you how and why.

“Mark Grayson is not only excellent at what he does, he is very caring and a delight to work with. He handled my case with diligence and I felt that he was truly concerned with my well being. I would recommend him to anyone.”
– RP, slip and fall case  –  Robin

“Mark Grayson took my case when other lawyers would not. The case had to go to trial and during that time, Mr. Grayson and his staff were not just my lawyers, they became my friends. I was 36 years old with a family of 4 living in a one bedroom apartment. Because of the money Mark Grayson got me from the case, I was able to buy a 4 bedroom house to move my family into and he sent me to a financial planner to invest the settlement money so that I would never have to work again. Grayson and Grayson is the best !” – Arthur E.

“Honest. Fair. Reasonable. Nice. I hope I don’t need the services of an injury attorney again but if I do, the first call I’ll make is to Grayson & Grayson.” – Gabby M.

“Mark and Saul have helped my family and me for over 40 years. From my parents, to my brother and me and now for my kids, the Grayson’s have always been there for us. If they can’t help you, no one can.” – Gerald B.

“I was a passenger in a car accident and the insurance company offered me zero. I would have walked away but wouldn’t have been happy to let them get away with it. Mark Grayson took the case to trial and got me money and the satisfaction of knowing we won.” – Jill B.

“Mark is the best trial lawyer I’ve ever seen. It was like watching my big brother beat up on the bully defense lawyers trying to attack me. After years without the defense ever offering me a dime, they immediately paid the verdict right after the trial without further negotiating or appealing. Great result and great compassion during the process. Thank you Grayson & Grayson.” – Brad H.

“I am a busy Doctor and was referred to Mark Grayson to handle my car accident by a Dr. friend. I met him when he took the case and the only other thing I had to do was go to his office to pick up my check when he was able to get the policy limits available. They did all the work and got me the most money possible. Let them work for you, too.” – Kathy L, M.D.

“When my young son suffered a serious injury, I called Grayson & Grayson. Mark Grayson brought another law firm in as co-counsel with him because he knew who had the best knowledge on a very specific product. The Grayson’s and their co-counsel got my son enough money so that he will never have to work. Call Grayson and Grayson. If they think someone can handle it better, they’ll be honest and bring in the best people for you. Trust them. I do.” – George G.

“I came to Grayson and Grayson with a small accident claim and was afraid they would not take me as a client. Not only did they take my case, they treated me like I mattered and got me more money than I though possible. I’ll refer anyone in need of injury lawyers to Grayson & Grayson. You’ll be treated fairly.” – Scott B.

“Mark Grayson handled my case and advised me to do what was in my best interest, not necessarily his. I found that they are trustworthy and refreshing.” – Chantel B.