Radiology, in recent years, has increasingly evolved in the clinical management area. With rising radiology professionals, things such as liabilities, exposure to risks, and several other mistakes have also grown.

Malpractice in any clinical treatment can cause little to severe harm to the patients, after which they don’t have any idea of where to go.

Can You go to a radiology malpractice attorney?

Yes, you can!

Common Reasons for Radiology Malpractice

Some common reasons that lead to radiology malpractice are:

  1. Error in diagnosis
  2. Procedural complications
  3. Vascular injury

The most common cause is the vascular injury that takes place during angiography and other interventional procedures, which claims per thousand people every year. These are the cases that can become the subject of a lawsuit.

In this blog, you will come across a few cases when you need to go to Radiology malpracticelawyer.

  1. Misreading the image

    Let’s face it: Sammy visits a nearby physician with flu symptoms. The doctor believes that he is probably suffering from the flu, and orders a chest radiograph for pneumonia. After receiving the results, the radiologist misses a minor mass and states it as usual.

    One year later, when things went wrong, further tests showed that the minor mass that went unseen was lung cancer in its early stages. Had the radiologists been a bit more careful, Sammy would have had an excellent chance of survival.

    In similar cases, we advise you toconsult an experienced radiology malpractice attorney and convince the jury regarding the incompetency of a skilled radiologist.

    Radiologists are human beings and are likely to make errors. While examining the test results, they are prone to focus on the potential presence of a particular type of problem while missing the other conditions. Such mistakes can cause severe harm to a patient and even death.

2.     Vascular Injury

Vascular procedures pose a bunch of safety risks and have higher reported rates of incidents. With that, it has also been found that the invasive nature of vascular interventional radiology also counts for a significant amount of malpractice.

Thus, the survivors or the nominees of the deceased get in touch with the most highly qualified radiology malpractice attorney.

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