Medical Malpractice/ Orthopedic Malpractice:
Case Edwards v. Century Community Hospital

Delayed diagnosis and treatment of vascular injury resulting from leg injury.

Jury Trial Result: $3,424,600.
Place: Compton

Premises Liability/Personal residence:
Case Jill K v.

Fall on a steep driveway at a personal residence aggravated pre-existing back injuries causing surgiries.

Result: $1,000,000
Place: Van Nuys

Vehicle/Motorcycle Accident:
Case: Hill v.

Motorcyclist rear ended by car.  Leg and back injuries.

Result: $600,000.
Place: Indio  Court Trial

Vehicle/Bicycle v. Bus:
Case name: Bissu v

Bicycle rider struck by passing city bus causing arm injury.

Result: $600,000
Place: Coronado

Premises/Construction Site:
Case Hernandez v.

Defective scaffolding caused worker to fall with resulting
shoulder injury.

Result: $300,000.
Place: Van Nuys

Medical Malpractice:
Case: Confidential

Hospital blood bank negligently transfused patient with tainted blood transferring disease.

Result: $450,000.
Place Compton

Medical Malpractice/ Pharmaceutical:
Case: Held v.

Prescription drug was recalled that elderly woman had taken for years causing her liver damage.

Result: $350,000.
Place: Los Angeles

Auto/ Rear End:
Case Parra v

Woman rear ended causing her back injuries and temporary independence on pain medication.

Result: $115,000.
Place: Beverly Hills

Auto/Head on:
Case Garcia v.

Woman hit head on by auto causing back injuries.

Result: $100,000.

Place: Beverly Hills

Medical Malpractice/ Pharmacy:
Case: Smythie v.

Elderly woman was negligently dispensed the wrong dosage of her normal medication causing her to become toxic until the mistake was discovered.

Result: $75,000.

Place Malibu

Premises Liability:
Case: Kupris v.

Dangerous and defective condition on a dock caused man to fall with resulting back injury.

Result: $125,000.

Place Marina del Rey

Auto/ Pedestrian: 
Case Lowe v.

Woman struck by car while crossing the street causing leg injury.

Result: $150,000.

Place: Los Angeles

Auto Accident:
Case K.M. v.

Woman hit in intersection accident causing a broken leg and loss of income.

Result: $100,000

Place:Los Angeles

Bus Accident:
Case A.P. v.

Bus driver negligently stopped away from curb at designated bus stop causing elderly man to fall injuring his leg and hip.

Result: $235,000.

Place: Los Angeles

Auto/Rear ended:
Case Schumacher v.

Woman was rear ended causing her neck injury and loss of income.

Result: $115,000.

Place.  LA

Premises Liability:
Case name: Gonzalez v.

Defective water heater in rental home caused fire and resulting burn injuries to 8 year old boy.

Result: $3,400,000.
Place: Santa Monica

Medical Malpractice/ Urology:
Case Lewis v.

Man was given compression bandages without regular supervision following a penile implant causing necrosis.

Result: $775,000.
Place: Antelope Valley

Police Shooting/Wrongful Death:
Case: Confidential Settlement

Estranged wife of decedent.

Result: $600,000
Place: Inglewood

Dog Bite:
Case name: I.P v.

Man bitten by dog while walking on the street causing  hand injury.

Result: $300,000
Place: Encino

Premises Liability:
Case Sweetmon v.

Dangerous condition in public park caused woman to fall resulting in ankle injury.

Result: $225,000.

Medical Malpractice/ Blood test:
Case: Banks v.

Man was negligently diagnosed with colon cancer and and suffered emotional distress believing he was cancer ridden for 9 months until mistake was discovered in the blood test results.
Result: $100,000.
Place: Palmdale

Medical Malpractice/ Blood test:
Case: Hyland v Schreiber

Man was negligently diagnosed with HIV and suffered emotional distress until the false positive blood result was discovered 14 months later.

Jury Trial Result: $235,000.
Place: Santa Ana

Premises/ Construction site:
Case: De la Torre v.

Defective shoring in a ditch caused cave in and resulting leg injury.

Result: $250,000.
Place: Los Angeles

Medical Malpractice/ Cancer diagnosis: 
Case Karen J v.

Woman negligently diagnosed with breast cancer based on fine needle biopsy and underwent unnecessary surgery.

Result: $250,000.

Place: San Francisco

Medical Malpractice/Labor and Delivery:
Case S.O. v. Kaiser

Hospital failed to diagnose placenta issue during labor and delivery causing the baby birth injuries.

Result: $200,000.

Place:  Pomona

Premises/ County Fair:
Case Lee v.

Boy was struck in the eye by a dart that bounced off of a ball at a County Fair Game.

Result: $250,000.

Place: Pomona

Auto/Rear end:
Case Scalamandre v.

Woman rear ended  striking her head on the dashboard causing her cognitive and memory deficit.

Jury Trial Result: $75,000.

Place: Palm Springs

Auto/Truck Accident:
Case: Oakley v.

Man injured when vehicle he was driving was sideswiped by passing truck causing knee injury.

Result: $75,000.

Place: Victorville

Medical Malpractice/Radiology:
Case J.P. v.

Woman negligently diagnosed with breast cancer until the mistake was found 4 months later.

Result: $125,000.

Place: Long Beach

Premises Liability/ Stairs:
Case: Patch v.

Stairs in a retail store were negligently constructed and maintained causing a woman to fall and injure her back.

Result $175,000.

Place: Santa Monicares