Pharmaceutical drugs are highly essential when you are sick or injured, both in long-term and short term. However when pharmacists as well as pharmacy staff make errors, the result can be severe. A pharmaceutical error can lead to further injury, hospitalization or even death. In such medical negligence, a person can opt for legal help from pharmacy malpractice attorney. Legal help can help you win compensation for loses.

Whenever you go through a pharmacy malpractice, it gives you an emotionally traumatizing experience. However, you are able to bring a medical malpractice case against that pharmacy as well as the pharmacist with the help of the best pharmacy malpractice attorney. We at The Law Offices of Grayson & Grayson can help you present the strongest case for receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.

Types of pharmacy malpractice that you can encounter

Incorrect drugs – The most common types of pharmacy error is dispensing the incorrect medication. Pills are labeled with codes, and they look dissimilar. Distributing incorrect drugs can include giving a patient a prescription with a similar name, mixing up patient prescriptions, or misunderstanding the doctor’s handwriting.

Distraction, multitasking, grabbing wrong medication bottle or mixing up prescriptions also falls under medical malpractice.

Missing Instructions – How is the drug supposed to be consumed? Can a patient take it while drinking alcohol and what about pregnant patients? Placing incorrect directions on a medication label – or failing to offer instructions altogether can consequence in complications.

Wrong Dosage – sometimes a pharmacist may fill the correct drug with a wrong dosage of that drug due to a mathematical or packaging error. Giving a patient the inappropriate dosage can cause them to suffer from extreme side effects or even death.

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