Fewer than four percent of physicians in the United States are radiologists, but according to the physicians’ insurers Association of America, there is also an increase in the number of radiology malpractice claims.

Radiologists are defendants in a specialized negligence lawsuit more frequently than cardiologists, plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, as well as gastroenterologists. Of the specialties that are more accountable to be sued for medical negligence all have more practitioners than radiology.

Radiology Malpractice – 4 Major Categories

Malpractice complaints against radiologists fall into four major categories:

  • Observer errors
  • Interpretation errors
  • Failure to suggest appropriate follow-up
  • Failure to communicate

The most recurrently occurring radiological error is a failure to analyze. This is a kind of observer error. It means that evident abnormalities were present on a scan, but the radiologist ignored them. Approximately fifty percent of radiologist malpractice claims are on account of a missed analysis.

Radiology malpractices can result not only from the radiologist misinterpreting a scan but also from a lack of communication between the radiologist as well as the other treating doctors.

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