If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a Pharmacy error, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Talk to the best pharmacy malpractice lawyer about your legal decisions including filing medication error proceedings.

Pharmacy Malpractice

Pharmacy malpractice is a problem affecting thousands of Americans. Lawyers are investigating cases of pharmacy malpractice to aid fight for those who have been injured. On this page you will hear about the causes and results of pharmacy errors and why you may want to call an attorney after being injured.

What is Pharmaceutical Malpractice?

Pharmacists have an important accountability. It is their job to ensure that people who need prescriptions obtain precisely the medicine intended for them. Sometimes, errors happen on the part of the pharmacist. Pharmaceutical malpractice occurs when a pharmacist fails to sufficiently perform their job, resulting in solemn and sometimes fatal injuries. If you or someone you know has suffered injuries from a pharmaceutical error, you may be entitled for compensation through a medication error lawsuit.

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Pharmacy Malpractice Statistics

Pharmacy malpractice happens regularly in the United States. These statistics will offer you an idea of how invasive pharmaceutical malpractice is:

  • Between one and 1.5 million Americans are injured from medication errors each year
  • Close to fifty percent of Americans take a prescription medication at least once a month. This means that around one in hundred prescriptions will cause an injury
  • Aged persons and those with restricted access to healthcare may be affected by pharmacy malpractice injuries at higher rates
  • The most widespread cause of pharmacy malpractice is interruption, accounting for an estimated seventy five percent of cases

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