Radiology is the science of using medical imagery such as X Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, mammograms, etc. to diagnose and treat diseases in our bodies. Thus, radiologists may not spend time in the operating room, but they do spend a vital role in treating people with symptoms of cancer to those with athletic injuries or traumatic brain injuries. So, when a radiology error is made, the patient may suffer from severe health conditions through no fault of their own. Sometimes, radiology malpractice can even be a matter of life and death.
Common Types of Radiology Malpractices:
There are basically 3 common types of mistakes made by radiologists that rises to the level of malpractice, which are:
• Error in Detection:
The most common type of mistake in radiology is an error in detection or perception. Approximately 75% of all radiology malpractice claims are based on this type of error. This happens when there is an abnormality present in the X-ray or MRI scan and the radiologist for some reason does not detect it.

• Lack of Knowledge or Training:
Lack of knowledge from the radiologist can also give rise to multiple errors. This happens when either the test is not properly performed, or the radiologist has not received the necessary training to properly interpret it. They may see an abnormality, but due to a lack of knowledge, they might identify it as something innocuous. Training errors commonly occur when radiologists fail to do a follow-up test that would have clearly identified the problem.

• Communication Error:
This may be the most unfortunate error in radiology. The test may have been performed correctly, the doctor could have reviewed the result accurately, and the abnormality is correctly identified, but due to poor communication may lead to a failure to properly treat the condition. While radiologists rarely communicate with patients, they must effectively communicate with the doctor about diagnosis or further testing.

How can a Radiology Malpractice Attorney help you?

If you have suffered serious harm due to a radiology mistake that a reasonable radiologist would have avoided, you can file a lawsuit to get compensated for your injuries and losses. But, since such types of lawsuits can be very complicated and without experience, you will most likely return empty-handed, it is better to hire a good radiology malpractice attorney.

At Grayson & Grayson, we have attorneys who have more than 35 years of experience in practicing radiology malpractice. Our radiology malpractice attorneys know how to tackle each type of claim and use resources to gather all the necessary evidence to build a strong case. We know all the laws related to radiology malpractice and what strategies to use in the court to make the case in our favor. We have a contingency plan in place where we don’t get anything until you get the compensation you deserve. So, if you or someone you know is a victim of such negligence, call us at 818-809-2223 and hire one of the best radiology malpractice attorneys to help you out.

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